Welcome to Thread & Tonic


We make bags and accessories using modernist design principles that honour simplicity, form and function over unnecessary frills with a focus on materials and environmental impact.

Question what is

We constantly ask ourselves, ‘how can we do better?’ For us, as a company that is dedicated to progressively reducing our impact on the environment and improving our ethical standards, it’s a critical question. And one that everything we do at Thread & Tonic is underpinned by.

Every decision we make is rooted in doing better for both people and planet.

Why Thread & Tonic?


Thread is rooted in craftsmanship, quality, materials and pays homage to all the hands that bring our products to life. From design to product development, and to pattern makers, tanneries, manufactures, artisans, and finally, to you.

It is the Thread that binds us.


Tonic is defined as giving a feeling of vigour and well-being. It is the emotional experience and connection with the product that effortlessly interacts with your lifestyle while speaking to you as an individual.

A Tonic makes you feel better.

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