There’s more to us than meets the eye. We’re as much about product and lifestyle as we are about materials and technology. We are a collective of designers, technicians, researchers and artisans on a mission to protect our planet. 

We have over 70 years of experience in our field and a passion for creating the highest quality of products that respect the needs and values of today. 

Each decision we make is rooted in sustainability and meticulous research keeps us at the forefront of finding better material solutions. Our products are built for everyday use. Each design a harmony of function, form, technology and nature.

The story of Thread & Tonic is about more than one person. It’s about driving change as a community. We are a team made up of some of the world’s leading leather goods and fashion houses who came together with the goal of creating products that redefined the way luxury products were being made. A harmony of purpose, form and luxury without compromising on the materials and their sustainability, protecting the environment we all share.

Thread & Tonic is an uncompromising journey of craftsmanship, the eternal conversation between creator and creation, a mastery of leathers, materials, design and form to create quality products that meet both desire and function. Bold and fearless. The never-ending thirst for innovation, continually striving to make unrivalled luxury products. Celebrating the origins of our brand. 

So where does Thread & Tonic come from and what does it mean?

Our Name

Thread & Tonic came about from two fundamentals that define the products we make. Thread is rooted in craftmanship, quality, materials and a homage to all the hands that touch it from design, product development, pattern makers, tanneries, manufacturers, artisans; to you.

Each step invaluable on the journey. This is the Thread that binds us. Tonic is defined as giving a feeling of vigour and well‐being. It is the emotional experience and connection with the product that effortlessly interacts with your lifestyle while speaking to your individuality. A Tonic makes you feel better.

Our Founders

The idea that has shaped Thread & Tonic started with siblings Nakul and Sonal and is rooted in their family’s history in leather accessory production.

The deep knowledge and forward-thinking attitude Nakul and Sonal bring to the table is what drives innovative solutions to the problems they wish to solve.

Having gathered extensive knowledge of luxury craftsmanship in the leather industry through working in the family business from a young age, Nakul and Sonal wanted to create something new and unique that encapsulated the importance of sustainability, functionality and beautiful design. With a well-versed team behind them, they see Thread & Tonic as an ever-evolving, modern material brand which takes its responsibilities seriously. 

The challenge

Every great idea starts with a problem. We wanted bags and accessories to be ethically made, luxurious, refined, minimal and well suited to our everyday needs. They didn’t exist. So, we set ourselves the challenge of creating what we felt was missing. We set out to make sustainable, beautiful and practical.

The hardest part of the journey, a part that will continue, has been working to find solutions without having to compromise. It was paramount yet challenging to create a product that embodied all our values: effortless versatility, function, modern style, a twist of individuality and sustainability.

For us, everything we do at Thread & Tonic is about the journey. A journey towards a better way of doing things that positively impacts both people and planet.