They’re designed to last
but if they don’t, we’ll fix them for you

We are proud of the way our bags and accessories are made. A lot of research, wear testing and innovative design have gone into the final versions we’ve shared with you and we’re confident that they’ll stand the test of time. Our products are designed for everyday life, so we’ve made sure they’re up to the challenge.

However, if there is even the slightest problem with your product, we would much rather fix it for you than replace it. This is because we don’t believe in waste. All of our products have been designed and made with minimal waste and minimal impact on the environment, a thread we believe is to continue even once they’re with you. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty that covers repairs (replacements when absolutely necessary) for functional damages.

What does the lifetime warranty cover?

Our lifetime warranty applies to materials and workmanship under responsible use.

This warranty does not cover:

• Damage caused by accident, abuse or neglect
• Natural aging of materials or wear and tear
• Purchases made using online auction sites or other unauthorised resellers

For leather goods, wear and tear includes but is not limited to marks, scratches or softening of leather.

If a product cannot be repaired for any reason, we will, of course, offer a replacement. We’ll offer the same product, if it’s still available and if not, we will provide you with a refund or store credit.

How do repairs work?

If you need to use our repair service, please tell us what happened using our Contact form so we can get the process started for you.

We will provide information on sending your product back to us as well as give you an estimate of redelivery details.

A note on our leather

Because our leather is a pure form of leather that’s been custom developed to be chrome-free and biodegradable, it will naturally crease and wear over time. Our leather is the most environmentally friendly leather that’s been developed to date because we don’t believe in pumping materials full of chemicals just to keep them perfect. We have specifically made our leather chrome-free because chrome is a carcinogenic, it’s not something we should have on our bodies on a daily basis. The beauty of natural materials though is that they develop their own unique characteristics over time.