Our designs are a response to the evolving needs of tomorrow’s customer, today. Tested and tailored to our climatic, aesthetic and functional needs, each piece is derived through application of sustainably sourced materials and traditional artisan techniques to create products that are luxurious and beautiful in both form and function.

We design and develop all of our products at our creative studio in London using modernist design principles that honour simplicity, form and function over unnecessary components. Doing our prototyping in-house allows us to test new ideas and unique constructions from a very early stage. We believe this results in better products and less waste.

Every step of the way, we obsess over the smallest of details. From the zips we use to the way our retractable handles work. Each element has been heavily researched and vigorously tested. Our products are a balanced combination of engineering and creativity.

Each creation is a combination of classic craftmanship and modern knowledge that results in unique products with integrity and functionality without the additional costs typically associated with luxury products.

Conscious design & lifetime warranty

Reducing our environmental footprint is intrinsic to who we are as a brand. Alongside the ecological materials we use, we build products that are designed to really last, reducing our footprint further through longevity. As part of our design process, we evaluate the entire lifecycle of a product, not just the production. That means taking into consideration how we can repair and reuse bags that no longer serve their original purpose.