Each of our pieces is expertly handcrafted by our team of experienced makers. It’s a considered process that is never to be rushed, that’s why we only produce very small batches.

The Thread in Thread & Tonic comes from the fine attention to detail required in true craftsmanship. Our master craftspeople have 70 years of experience in crafting luxury bags and accessories, combined with a rich heritage in protecting traditional making methods.

We work with talented artisans, tanneries and producers, in India and Spain. It is their incredible dedication and passion for their art, that makes what we do possible. Outside of India our partner factory in Spain was founded in February 1946 by three brothers, Francisco, Carlos and Antonio Godoy — the brothers still manage the factory today.

The artisans we work with use skills that have been passed down through generations, their work is a true artform.

We may be located around the world, but we are a family nonetheless, an expanded family who have worked together for a long time and who share a passion for quality and sustainability.