Our vision

The reality is that everything we do as a business has an impact on the planet. We understand that being entirely sustainable is a long way off for any business, but we aim to get as close as possible.

At Thread & Tonic we go right back to the roots of our products to make sure our impact is as positive as it can be and that we are acting responsibly. We take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our products, not just their production.

From day 1, we have been fully transparent with customers, suppliers, employees and partners. We have set out to create the most environmentally friendly bags and accessories we can, but of course we’re not perfect. This is a journey and we’re on it together.

With that in mind, you will be able to follow the journey and we will keep you updated on our progress, including what has worked and what hasn’t. We are also working closely with organisations to help us understand better where improvements can be made and which changes should be prioritised.

Reducing our impact

From the first thread to the final label, we continually work with suppliers to improve our processes in order to reduce chemical toxicity and environmental damage.

Our products are made in the world’s first 100% solar powered leather goods factory.

We are dedicated to progressively reducing our impact on the environment. We respect our environment and we’re committed to minimising our environmental impact to reduce the speed of climate change and resource depletion. This commitment is embedded throughout our organisation and manifests itself in our daily operations and business practices.

Our definition of Sustainability:

The promotion of environmentally and socially responsible practices throughout the supply chain. The use of natural and renewable resources wherever possible. The reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions at our own facilities and our supply chain.

Our primary goal is to achieve a more transparent and sustainable supply chain in the industries in which we participate.

Throughout our business we:

• Educate our employees on the importance of all policies and provide them with the skills and support they need to implement them
• Comply with or exceed relevant legislative requirements. Where these are inadequate, we will aim to set our own standards.
• Develop and implement a set of procedures to monitor, control and review where and how we are having an environmental impact and to make changes where necessary.
• Encourage both stock and non-stock suppliers to recognise their environmental responsibilities, offering support, training and advice to help them implement sound environmental practices.
• Design, develop and manufacture our products with consideration of the environment, moving towards greater use of sustainable/recycled materials and processes whilst also reducing waste.
• Produce all of our products in the most sustainable factories possible, including the world’s first bags and accessories factory that is run on 100% solar energy.

Measuring impact

As part of our commitment to reducing impact, we are committed to developing and implementing a set of procedures to monitor, control and review where and how we are having an environmental impact and to make changes where necessary.

We will work with recognised independent organisations that can help us to measure, monitor and improve our performance.

Key Focus Areas

• Electricity, gas and fuel consumption should be measured and reduced on an ongoing basis. Where possible, we will use renewable energy sources.
• Air Emissions: Set a reduction target and devise a programme to achieve the reduction in sources contributing to air emissions.
• Hazardous Substances: No hazardous chemicals should be used in the production of our products.
• Water Use: Every effort should be made at facilities to monitor and reduce the consumption of water.
• Waste: Recycling and reuse of all waste should be considered for each waste stream. Use of biodegradable materials where possible.
• Raw Material Traceability: Suppliers should develop a traceability system for raw materials.
• Packaging: Reduce use of packaging and ensure fully recyclable or biodegradable.

We will look to publish all results relating to ever improving targets set for the above.

Carbon Neutral

Using the maxim of: Measure, Reduce, Offset, our aim is to ensure that our supply chains are as low emission as possible, with the goal of continuing to look for new methods of production, shipping and warehousing that will reduce our emissions further.

Our first step towards this is producing our bags in a factory that is 100% solar powered.

As we move forward, the first step is to MEASURE our current emissions across our supply chain and gain an understanding of where we can REDUCE in the future. We will look to do this through a mix of changing the materials we use, the locations of sourcing, and the manufacturing techniques. Finally, we OFFSET the emissions that are remaining, but always with a view to reduce what we have to offset through our Reduction programme.

Our carbon footprint

Our sustainability team partnered with experts to calculate our emissions using the carbon calculator so that we can offset our emissions in advance. We are one of the first carbon neutral accessories/leather goods brands in the world to do this and hope to set a new benchmark for the industry.

We keep our supply chain as local as possible to our factory to reduce emissions and we work with our partners to offset all CO2 that is released through the making of our products.

1% for the planet

We are members of 1% for the Planet, an organisation started by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies to ensure a better future for the planet we call home.

“The intent of 1% for the Planet is to help fund these diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.”

As members, we have committed to giving 1% of our revenue (not just profit) to non-profit environmental organisations. The 1% team works with us to help us identify the organisations we can help the most and those local to us where possible.

The future is plants, not plastic

We are proud to have partnered with NFW’s high-performance plant-based material with zero-plastic and 100% natural ingredients.

Our next collection will be created using MIRUM®'s unique composition of zero synthetics made from all-natural materials (coconut husk, rice hull, rubber, and cork).

The patented composition means a product can be recycled at the end of its life, making it both sustainable and circular.